Iceland Wedding Ceremony

It is your wedding day; everything has been planned just the way you want it. You arrive at your ceremony location; a breathtaking Icelandic nature backdrop. Your dress and suit are perfect. The bouquet and decorations are beautiful. The celebrant has personalized the ceremony script to suit you and your partner. Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons can make this dream wedding yours – you take care of the dress and suit; the rest, leave that with us!

Your Iceland Wedding Ceremony should not just be everything you imagined it to be; it should be more. Today’s blog we will suggest ways for you to have the most memorable Iceland Wedding possible.


Iceland Wedding Music

To start, let us set the mood by adding a little bit of Iceland to your day by listening to Icelandic songs. Below are some of our favorite Icelandic love songs. Not only are they “easy on the ears”, they are the perfect musical addition to your Iceland Wedding Ceremony.

1. Ást – Ragnheiður Gröndal
2. Ást við fyrstu sýn – Páll Óskar
3. Draumalandið – Svavar Knutur
4. Ástin á sér stað – Sverir Bergmann & Friðrík Dór
5. Ó þú – Pálmi Gunnarsson
6. Þú eina hjartans yndið mitt – Björgvin Halldórsson
7. Lifið er yndislegt – Land og Synir
8. Með þér – Ragnheiður Gröndal

Can you imagine walking down the aisle during one of these Icelandic love songs? Number 8 is perfect after the first kiss!

Looking for something a little more familiar? Some of the world’s most famous love songs have also been translated into Icelandic and have been covered by some of Iceland´s music artists. Here is a list of our favorites:

1. What a Wonderful World  Yndislegt líf- Bob Thiele / George Weiss covered by Páll Óskar
2. Always / Án Þín – Bon Jovi covered by Sverir Bergman
3. I just cant help falling in love with you / Hinn Gullni Meðalvegur – Elvis Presley covered by Ðe Lónlí blú bojs

To get the best out of the experience we recommend either renting a sound system or bringing a portable Bluetooth speaker. Pro Iceland Wedding Planning tips: Download the music ahead of time. Relying the on a streaming service is not recommended due to the limited cellular and data services in some areas Also make sure your speaker is waterproof.


Iceland Wedding Celebrant

Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons prides themselves in offering you all Iceland has to give. We have something for everyone! We have 5 different Iceland ceremony types with 5 different celebrants. They include the following: Civil Ceremony conducted by a Civil Officer in the region you are getting married. A spiritual celebrant, a religious celebrant. A Norsk/Viking celebrant and last but not least a Humanist celebrant.



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Iceland Wedding Photographer

Iceland is known for their always changing weather. There is actually a saying that goes something like this: ” If you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes, chances are it will likely change.” What does this have to do with your Iceland Wedding Photographer you ask? Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons highly recommends hiring a local Iceland Wedding Photographer. Why you ask? Local Iceland Wedding Photographers will have waterproof gear as well as a backup gear. They will also very likely know of a Plan B location if the weather gets too bad. Pro Iceland Wedding Photographer tip: Ask your guests not to take photographs during the ceremony. You will not regret it!


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Iceland Wedding Ceremony Seating

To sit or not to sit? -why is seating so important? The length of your Iceland Wedding Ceremony can vary depending on a few aspects. Your celebrant may have prepared an eloquent script, you may get a little chocked up when reciting your vows, or the even weather may cause a slight delay. Adding a traditional or cultural aspect, such as handfasting or Sheva B’rachot, to the ceremony may also lengthen the time you expect your guests (or even yourself) require to be on their feed. Providing your guests with seating at your Iceland Ceremony can add all the difference. Even though is this your special day, a comfortable guest is a happy guest. Seating also accentuates the look of your Iceland Wedding photos by providing a touch of elegance, especially when contrasted with the beautiful, but rugged landscapes of Iceland. Adding seating to your ceremony also adds depth and is far more picturesque than having your guests stand.


Flowers and Decor

Throughout history and within different cultures the act of carrying a bouquet of flowers and greenery (or even grains) was done for different reasons. Whether it be to symbolize an unbreakable bond (Romans) or to bestow luck and fertility to the happy couple (Greeks), adding a little hint of floral decoration to your Iceland Wedding can be the “pièce de résistance” your ceremony needs. We love little subtle details such as eucalyptus aisle runners (aisle runners can be secured by gently placing rocks under the ropes and hiding them under the leaves). Lanterns filled with candles and decorated with greenery are also aesthetically pleasing and can also be used to decorate your reception afterwards. On a budget? Use silk or faux flowers and pack pre-made bouquets in your suitcase. Pro Iceland Wedding tip: Use LED candles as Iceland is known for high winds.




Champagne Toast

You just had your first kiss as a wedded couple; now it is time to toast the occasion with your favorite champagne. Adding a champagne toast to the end of your Iceland Wedding ceremony adds an element of elegance. Sipping champagne by a waterfall…why not?


CM Iceland-675 (2).jpg

Day of Planner

Choosing to use the assistance of a Day of Planner to help in setting up seating, decorations and even coordinating your guests; can make all the difference. When it comes to the champagne toast, the Iceland Wedding Day of Planner can ensure every guest has a glass filled with champagne and is ready to go for when the celebrant officially pronounces you and your partner as one. Hop on to our why you should hire a Day of Planner blog for more information. You can read more about our Day of Planners HERE.


Has our blog inspired you to have your own Iceland Wedding Ceremony? Contact Us and we would be more than happy to start planning your fabulous day, today!

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