Iceland Elopement in February

In this month’s blog we will be featuring the wonderful couple Christina and William from Canada.  The couple chose to tie the knot on their 10 year anniversary together, and what better place than Iceland! Christina and William decided on an intimate Iceland elopement with just the two of them.  The happy pair contacted us in September of 2019 and over the next 5 months Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons joyously assisted in planning their wedding.  On Monday February 24th, Christina’s and William’s dream came true: a perfect, intimate, elopement ceremony under the Icelandic sky.


Planning any wedding can be an exciting, but also a daunting task – especially if your dream is to marry in a foreign country.  When planning their dream wedding in Iceland, Christina and William, decided to calm their worries and reached out for assistance.  By choosing a local wedding planner, Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons, Christina and William were able to get assistance with the complicated tasks, such as the marriage license.  We were also able to provide them with the inside scoop on all the marvelous locations and numerous accountable vendors available in Iceland.

As mentioned in our last blog Skógafoss Wedding In Iceland, an Iceland Elopement in February can be quite tricky when it comes to weather.  As many other places around the globe, the weather in February can mean clear blue skies one minute and a snow squall the next.  When you have a bad ass couple like Christina and William, who cares what Mother Nature is throwing at you? When they initially contacted Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons, Christina and William mentioned, and we quote, “we’d ideally like to do this somewhere outside.  In the snow or rain is fine.”  In February, expect the weather in Iceland to be a numerous combination of the following; rain, snow, fog, sun (yes, it can most definitely happen) and gale-forced winds.  None the less, our amazing adventure driven couple were in it all the way – that is our kind of couple! February 24th was a cold, windy, and snowy day.  However, when it was time for the ceremony, the skies cleared, and the snow stopped.  It’s almost as if Freyr, the Norse God of sunshine and fair weather, was in on the ceremony.  Even though weather can be unpredictable, do not let it ruin your moment.  Going in with an open to ‘whatever weather mentality’, can make your Iceland wedding an incredible adventure and provide some amazing photographs: you, in an ice cave, with snowing falling in the background outside the entrance of the cave, and the sun just peaking out from behind a cloud…..AMAZING!



Christina and William’s wedding day included mesmerizing locations such as a snow covered lake, a super cool (but hot) geothermal area, numerous caves, and classic Icelandic lava fields aged over 800 years. Their photos do not do these locations the justice they deserve.  Pack your bags and come visit Iceland, in all its glory, to see it yourself.



Depending on what you have your heart set on seeing while visiting Iceland, you will need to plan for the correct season.  For instance, if you wish to experience the Northern Lights you will need to aim for a time where there is primarily darkness.  From October through to March there are fewer daylight hours, therefore making it more ideal to see the Northern Lights (Note: the Northern Lights have been seen as early as September and as late as April).  You can read more about the Northern lights HERE.


If you plan on being in Iceland during its famously know midnight sun season, you should aim for May through August.   Although Iceland is not known for having a very hot-tempered climate, do not underestimate the power of the sun.  Due to Iceland’s geographical location and the tilt of the Earth’s axis, Iceland is closer to the sun, in the summer months (hence midnight sun) than a lot of other warmer climate countries.   Even though it may not be a sunny 30°C (86°F) in Iceland, we highly suggest always wearing sunscreen.   The great thing about Iceland having such a diverse weather palate, it means that every season is wedding season.



Has Christina and Williams Iceland elopement encouraged you to take the leap and start planning your Iceland wedding or elopement?  Contact us and we can start planning today.



We would love to give a big shout out and thank you to our Iceland Wedding Photographer Jean Smith for allowing us to feature her photography in our blog.

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