Honeymooning in Iceland: Ideas

Are you newlyweds looking to experience an adventurous honeymoon in Iceland during the months of the midnight sun? This month’s blog is dedicated to adventurous things to do during the summer in Iceland. Do not be discouraged if you plan on visiting during the winter months; stay tuned for an adventure blog dedicated to the colder months!

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For those looking for a unique spa like experience, why not soak your aching muscles in a wooden cask barrel full of beer? In the north of Iceland, not far from the northern capital Akureyri, you’ll find The Beer Spa Bjórböðin. The beer casks are sized for two (perfect for couples) or choose to enjoy the bath alone. After your 25 minute soak, choose to add the use of outdoor hot tubs and sauna for an additional 500 Icelandic kroner. Did we mention each beer barrel is outfitted with a beer tap so you can sip on Kaldi beer while you relax your worries away? Bjórböðin also has on onsite restaurant and gift shop where many beer infused products can be purchased. Wanting to try the Kaldi beer before you experiance The Beer Spa (or even after)? Kaldi, an Icelandic beer can be purchased at the Duty Free in Keflavík International Airport upon arrival or at the Icelandic liquor stores Vinbúðin.

Intrigued by The Beer Spa or are you a hops enthusiast? Over the last few years Iceland has burst into the microbrew business with several breweries opening up all around the country. Locally crafted lagers, ales, and pilsners can be found in many pubs and bars all throught the country; while many offer tours or tastings. In Reykjavík, Ægir and Reykjavík Brewery two recently opened brewhouses which offer tastings. Also in Reykjavík, Microbar is known for their wide selection of local and international beers. For those willing to do more than wet their whistle, why not enjoy some of the rare delicacies Iceland has to offer? Fermented shark, smoked puffin, and whale steak are just a few of the traditional Icelandic foods one can find on several restaurant menus. To enrich your Icelandic taste bud experience we recommend adding a shot of Brennivín to your foodie experience. Worried these exotic dishes will not suit your palate? Not to worry, Icelanders love burgers, pizza and hot dogs. Believe it or not , the most popular restaurant in Reykjavík is a hot dog stand. The Icelandic “pylsa” (aka hot dog) is an Iceland must!


While spending time in the North of Iceland we highly recommend checking out bakkaflot.is for all types of adventurous things, including extreme river rafting, kayaking, whale watching, and horseback riding.


Adding an epic ice experience to your Iceland Honeymoon is definitely something to brag about. Vík Expeditions has you covered with an amazing Vík Glacier Walking and Ice Climbing! Imagine a gorgeous sunshiny day on top of a glacier or even climbing one! The guide of Vík Expeditions Davíð is really in his essence while guiding you around breathtaking landscapes most people couldn’t even dream of seeing. Vík Expeditions even offers a photography Adventure, so don’t forget your camera.


If water sports tickle your fancy, the southern coast of Iceland offers several different activities to satisfy your adventure needs. Adventure Vikings offer a multitude of activities such as surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. Take off from the black sand beaches on the coast of Vík, and dip into the Atlantic Ocean waters. Wanting to spend your honeymoon diving into the glacier clear waters Iceland has to offer? Adventure Vikings also offer diving and snorkeling tours of the epic Silfra – the separation between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Instead of land or sea, perhaps your inner adrenaline junkie is looking to soar through the air. Zipline Iceland, also located in the Vík, offer a hiking and ziplining adventure – a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe Iceland’s beautiful canyons while speeding through the air.

One of the many amazing things about Iceland is it’s combination of fire and ice. Where does the fire come from? Volcanoes! Iceland is hotspot for geological volcanic activity. Not far from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, is Þríhnúkagígur (three-new-ka-geeger) volcano…even the name of the volcano is adventurous! Inside the Volcano takes you on a rare adventure experience. After hiking the scenic lava fields, you descend into Þríhnúkagígur volcano. No worries, the volcano is dormant; however, the magma chamber remains intact. Explore the amazing colors and atmosphere of this geological formation.

Even though you visited Iceland during the summer months does not mean you cannot get a taste of our winter time with the help of the Pearl. Perlan is a beautiful architectural building located in Reykjavík with a handful of exhibits focusing on the wonders of Iceland, including a man made ice cave made from over 350 tons of snow from the Icelandic mountains. Other exhibitions include an underwater journey and an aurora borealis planetarium. While enjoying the Pearl you can also inspect their top deck where you can see a 360 degree view of Reykjavík.  It is highly recommended to stay and enjoy a delicious meal at their delicious restaurant or a sweet treat from their ice cream shop.


Always wanted to ice climb, snorkel between the tectonic plates, or enjoy a nice beer bath?  Iceland definitely has you covered.  Has this blog helped spark your interest in having a Iceland Honeymoon to brag about for years to come? Our team at Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons would love to help you plan your bad ass Iceland Honeymoon! Contact Us and lets get started today!

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