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First there is the engagement. Everything to follow is full of excitement and discovery. There are a countless list of questions and things that need to be decided on and answered. A very important decision is most defiantly where to say I do? A wedding or an elopement? Who to invite?

Wedding planning is like crafting a well written book. With endless possibilities. Once you have taken that exciting leap and decided that Iceland is the country for your destination wedding. You need to pick the wedding ceremony location that is perfectly suited for you. Whether it be what best fits your personality, spirituality or even what locations are most easy access for your guest. Picking the perfect Iceland wedding location can be quite tricky. Mainly due to the fact that the whole country is stunning!

Iceland Weddings has over 60 outdoor locations and that list is ever growing. Different Iceland wedding location types vary from geothermal areas, caves, waterfalls, beaches, valleys, craters, and canyons. Want to be married in and Icelandic church? Do not worry we have you covered, but more on that later.

There are a numerous important aspects that need to be taken into account with each of the location types mentioned above. Every location has their own magic in the elements. Which is why it is important to be correctly prepared. We highly recommend splurging on a nice pair of hiking boots before visiting Iceland. Pro tip: Make sure you wear them in a bit before you come to avoid getting sore feet or blisters.

A few of the things you need to keep in mind when picking a location are the terrain and your gear/apparel. Is the terrain mostly gravel, is it mostly flat, is there a possibility of snow or ice? For instance a lot of waterfall locations have a fairly wet surrounding depending on how close you are to the waterfall and the wind directions. During the winter time you might even need to wear crampons at this locations. Make sure not to disrupt any the delicate vegetation. Please use your best discretion. Another thing to keep in mind is does your desired location require you to hike before discovering the majestic scenery you seek?

As previously mentioned Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons can also help you pick the perfect church for your Iceland wedding or elopement. Did you know that Iceland has over 300 churches? Pretty much every town in Iceland has a church. Even a few farms have their very own church. Head over to our Iceland Wedding / Church Wedding blog to know more about our country side churches. Head over to our Countryside Church Wedding blog for more inspiration.

One of the great parts about having and Iceland wedding planner helping you plan your wedding is having them give you pros and cons to the Iceland locations you are interested in. You might find that with a little inside information that another location might be a better fit for you and your guests.

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