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Iceland Lighthouse Wedding Spots

Lighthouses throughout the world have held a huge significance for islands and coastlines.  Likely because they tower higher than the landscape and offer a beacon of light around obstacles.  Also, some may look at lighthouses having a romantic element attached to them too, because they can guide the way home for many.  Today we are happy to share with you Iceland lighthouse wedding locations!

History of Lighthouses

Did you know that the first lighthouse being built goes back in time to Egypt in circa 280 BC?  Pretty wild to think that the roots of such structures begin so early.  So then what specifically are lighthouses used for?  To illustrate, they mark hazardous areas along the coastlines such as reefs, rocks, and many times allows for safe guidance into harbors.

As time went on, lighthouses went from being staffed by people that needed to tend to the light to having it be electronic and self run.  Also with maritime navigation advancing in technology the need for lighthouses diminished.  Likely why they have become historical gems. Next, lighthouses come in all sorts of colors believe it or not.  Which makes that fun fact a driving factor to exploring as many as you can when you travel!  Maybe even a lovely reasons to check out Iceland lighthouse wedding spots!

Lighthouse Locations in Iceland

Therefore, you history buffs out there will be pleased to know that Iceland has over 100 lighthouses throughout the island you can explore!  Firstly, did you know the first lighthouse in Iceland was built around 1878?  Second, the name of that lighthouse is named Reykjanesviti.

Thirdly, typically when you read or hear the ending to an Icelandic word as “viti” it means lighthouse.  So keep your eyes peeled!  Lastly, you may not know where to begin in finding Icelandic lighthouses… So come along with us today as we share several of the Iceland lighthouse wedding locations!  Note- There are many more, this is just a taste.

Lighthouses Near Reykjavik:

  • Gróttuviti Lighthouse (white)

Southern Iceland Lighthouses:

  • Gardur Lighthouse (white with red stripes)
  • Hópsnes Lighthouse (orange)
  • Reykjanesviti (white)
  • Knarraros Lighthouse (white)
  • Dyrhólaey Lighthouse (white with red accents)
  • Hólmsbergsviti (orange)
  • Stafnes (orange)

Lighthouses in East Iceland:

  • Hvalnes Lighthouse (orange)
  • Streitisviti Lighthouse (white)
  • Djúpivogur Lighthouse (yellow – orange)
  • Dalatangi (there are two, 1- orange; 1- white)

North Iceland Lighthouse Locations:

  • Hraunhafnartangi Lighthouse (white and most North in Iceland)
  • Skarðsviti Lighthouse (white and red)
  • Kálfshamarsviti Lighthouse (square white tower with red accents)
  • Hegranesviti Lighthouse (orange and red)
  • Sauðanesviti Lighthouse (orange and red)
  • Hjalteyrarviti Lighthouse (red)
  • Brimnesviti Lighthouse (orange and red)

Lighthouses in the West Iceland:

  • Skarðsviti Lighthouse (white and red)
  • Svörtuloft Lighthouse (orange – yellow)
  • Malarrif Lighthouse (white)
  • Súgandisey Island Lighthouse (orange and red)
  • Akranesviti Lighthouse (white)

Which one will you find your way to exploring?  Or maybe even hold an Iceland lighthouse wedding ceremony?  The choice is yours!

Planning an Iceland Lighthouse Wedding

Since there are so many types of locations to get married at in Iceland it can be hard to choose.  Most couples make a day of it or at the very least a half.  In fact, you would be incorporating a piece of Icelandic history into your day by doing so.  For instance, there are several love and ghost stories surrounding many of the lighthouses that line the islands coastline.  What a romantic way to pay homage!

Likewise, your next question is how do you go about planning an Iceland lighthouse wedding?  First, it is important to choose what area of Iceland you intend on being in:

Second, narrow down to your favorite for your Iceland lighthouse wedding ceremony!  Third, you need to find out who owns it and get permission in advance as it could be on public or private land.  Note- A local Iceland wedding planner like us can help you do that.

Fourth, plan how it fits into your day.  For example, is it your ceremony location or just a photo stop?  Fifth, if you’re having guests, you may want to arrange additional features like seating or a champagne toast and one of our Day of Planners would love to help you!

In conclusion, are you leaving today inspired to plan your own Iceland lighthouse wedding or elopement?  If so, please contact us for more information on getting that journey started.

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