Experiencing Reykjavik Nightlife During Your Honeymoon

Iceland is not only a country with breathtaking and ever-changing nature; it is alive.  Due to the volcanic and geothermal activity Iceland is known for, the nature is always transforming.  No surprise, the Reykjavik nightlife is also very much alive.  Iceland is a very cultural place where you will always find live music, dancing, comedy, pub quizzes or a cozy place to relax with a glass of wine.  You may even find a robot mixing your drink.  True story! The perfect place for your honeymoon in Iceland.

While enjoying your Iceland Honeymoon why not take a walk on the flip side and experience our nightlife?  In this blog we will tell you how to enjoy Reykjavik nightlife and how to do so without breaking the bank.

Restaurants in Reykjavík

Our favorite way to celebrate the evening is to start at a restaurant. Reykjavik offers many choices when it comes to dining out.  You can find numerous pizza and burger joints, various establishments which offer authentic cultural cuisine, and several with traditional Icelandic menu options.  Many even offer group menus or selected menus, which offer an appetizer, main course, and dessert.  These offers also include the option a wine pairing and when ordering the offer, instead of individual dishes, it can save you some money.

To imitate a Reykjavik night out, start off be enjoying some delicious food, pair it with a nice bottle of wine, and follow it up with dessert and cocktails.  Most restaurants are open  till  midnight, so no need to wolf down your meal.  There is plenty of time savor the food, drinks, and atmosphere. After dinner we suggest finding a bar of your interest (we have so many to choose from).  Most bars are open until 4 am on weekends and till 1 am on weekdays.

Bars in Reykjavik

Depending on what you fancy we have all types of bars such as dance clubs, gin bars, live music pubs, and more.  Most will offer a selection of microbrews from all around the world, including Iceland.  We also have a handful of cozy bars with magical atmospheres where you can relax and enjoy the company of your new spouse with a nice glass of wine or champagne.  If you really want to go all out numerous bars offer table service and we are more than happy to set that up for you!

We also highly suggest visiting the Ice and Fries bar where a robot will mix your drink.  You might even catch them dancing and if you are lucky, you will meet their robot dog Aibo.  Every drink at Ice and Fries is mixed with Glacier Fire beverages and liquors.  If you are impressed by your drink, you can purchase their specialty beverages as a keepsake.

Liquor stores in iceland

Alcohol is expensive to purchase at bars, especially if you are planning on party all night. Most locals will opt to pre-game before heading to the bars.  By this we mean, have drinks at home before heading out.  If you are staying in Reykjavik, we recommend visiting the nearest liquor store and stocking up before heading out.  Alcohol is only sold in the liquor store and they are only open Monday- Saturday till 6pm.  Pro Iceland Wedding planner tip: Stock up at the Duty Free upon arrival.  At Dutyfree.is  you can see how much you are permitted to purchase at the airport.  You can also read more on this in our blog Good Things to Know and how to Save While Enjoying your Wedding Stay in Iceland If you’re looking to add a ‘must try Icelandic shot’ while honeymooning in Iceland, we suggest picking up a bottle of the following:

  • Brennivín – Iceland’s most popular shot, commonly shot after tasting fermented shark
  • Tópas- A vodka-based licorice shot
  • Opal – An Icelandic licorice-based liquor

Make sure you say “Skál!” before you try it.  Skál means “cheers” in Icelandic.  You can stock up and these shots on your way back home or even gift them to your friends as souvenirs.

Want to save money like an Icelander when it comes to drinking?  Besides the pre-gaming/pre-drinking, hit up an establishment which offers Happy Hour specials.  Typical Happy Hour is between 4 pm to 7 pm and have offers such as 2 for 1 beers, discounted cocktails and wine.

reykjavik nightlife attire

When it comes to what to wear on your night out, Icelanders tend to lean more towards dressing up, than going casual.  A few bars do have a dress code: no blue jeans, sneakers, hoodies, yoga pants etc.  We highly suggest packing a nice pair of shoes, and shirt or blouse; you will thank us later.  You do not want to stick out like a sore thumb wearing hiking boots and a waterproof jacket!

After enjoying the Reykjavik nightlife there is no better way to end then night then visit one of Reykjavík’s many food trucks or kebab stations. Our all-time favorite is Mandi where you can grab a shawarma, kebab, fries, or burgers.  Craving something sweet? Check out the waffle truck.

Want to know more about the nightlife in Reykjavík or need help planning a memorable Iceland Honeymoon?  Contact Us and we can get stated today!


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