How to Make Icelandic Pancakes

If you have not tired the classic traditional Icelandic pancake you are in for a mouthwatering treat.  In this blog we will teach you how to make Icelandic Pancakes.  What is the best thing about Icelandic pancakes you ask?  The answer is almost as good.  You can make them from anywhere in the world.  There is a small catch.  The iconic Icelandic pancake pan!  Do not fret, you can buy yours on

For the best Icelandic pancakes you need to ensure that your pancake pan is seasoned. We will not lie the first pancakes on a new pan never work out. Never! If you; however, manage to get it on your first try on a brand new pan, you must share your secret with us!

The secret to a well seasoned Icelandic pancake pan is to never wash it, not even with water.  Simply wipe it down with a paper towel and it is ready for you the next time you need it.  In Iceland you are considered lucky or the favorite if you inherit an Icelandic pancake pan from your grandmother.  Families will literally fight over them!

You you have an induction stove top it is important to know that your Icelandic pancake pan will not work on your stove top.  Imagine being so pepped to start making your Icelandic pancakes only to find your stove top does not support the pan.  We got you covered!  You will need an extra layer you place on your stove top called a converter disk and voila! You are ready to start baking!

Now that you have your Icelandic pancake pan it is time to get started.  The ingredients you will need are the following:

1 2/3 cups of flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp baking powder

2 medium sized eggs

2 tsp vanilla drops or extract

1/4 cup melted butter

2 cups milk

A dash of freshly brewed coffee (optional)

Before you start mixing together your ingredients we recommend heating your pan at a low heat and seasoning your pan with a fresh layer of butter.  You start on a low to medium heat to avoid burning the butter.  Once your batter is ready you can higher the heat to medium high.

Add all of the dry ingredients together in a medium sized bowl.  Add half of the milk, stir and mix in one egg at a time.  Once the both eggs are well incorporated in your batter add the remaining milk.

Some Icelanders prefer to add a dash of freshly brewed coffee to their Icelandic pancake mix.  This is optional.

The perfect Icelandic pancake is as thin as possible without breaking.  The trick is to pick the pan up off of the stove and pour the batter quickly over the pan and use your writs to evenly distribute the batter.  Once your pan is covered in batter replace back on the stove and let site for 30 seconds to a minute.  Use your spade (we recommend a long very thing spade as they can easily get underneath your Icelandic pancake.) Once your pancake start getting crispy on the edges, slowly and steadily flip your pancake to the other side.

If you do not master the first pancakes, do not worry it takes practice but we are certain you will get the hold of it after a few tries.  Remember the more seasoned your pan the better experience you will have.

After you have made your first pancake, add more butter to your pan and start another.  While your second pancake heats up simply sprinkle a layer of graduated sugar over your prepared pancake and roll it.  The hotter the pancake the better!

If you are visiting Iceland and would like to make Icelandic pancakes back in your home country you are in luck!  You can buy a premade mix at almost any Icelandic grocery store and even online in the previous mentioned website  The bottle instructions are in Icelandic but we have you covered. The mix requires you add cold milk and a few drop of vanilla extract.  On the directions there are lines indicating where the milk should reach on the bottle.

Once you have added the cold milk and vanilla extract shake shake shake and then shake some more.  You do not want any clumps in your batter.  Pro tip: Pour your batter in a medium sized bowl and whisk together until combined.

Another traditional topping to Icelandic pancakes is whipped heavy cream with homemade rhubarb jam.  With this combination of topping you simply fold your Icelandic pancake into fourths.

If you are anything like us, you can add your own twist Cinnabon inspired Icelandic pancake.  Just mix together cream cheese, milk, powdered sugar and cinnamon.  We also highly recommend adding Nutella and marshmallow cream together.  The possibilities are endless.  We dare you to go the distance and add your own combinations of toppings.

If you are having your honeymoon in Iceland we highly recommend making Icelandic pancakes together.  Imagine, you are in a cozy cabin in the countryside of Iceland.  Enjoying every minute of being newly weds.  What better moment than to make Icelandic pancakes in ICELAND!  Imagine your bragging rights once back home.  It is definitely something worth thinking about!

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