South Coast Wedding in Iceland

Iceland; the land of fire and ice.  A land so full of life: literally exploding with life.  With active volcanoes, numerous steaming geothermal areas, and cracking glaciers all year around; Iceland surely is a magical place.  These reasons and more are why Matt chose this spectacular country to propose to his eternal partner Brittney.   When the couple began planning their wedding, the decision was an easy one; what better place to tie the knot than in the same country they decided they were ready to start forever together?

Brittney and Matt originally reached out to Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons in August of 2019 allowing them plenty of time to plan their memorable wedding day. May 26th, 2021 to be exact.  After reviewing our location list, they were drawn to the South Coast of Iceland.  The South Coast of Iceland has so much to offer including black sand beaches, numerous waterfalls, caves,  basalt rock formations and numerous breathtaking valleys.   Matt and Brittney are not the only ones to be mesmerized by the beauty of the South Coast as the area “may or may not” have been featured in a music video for a very well-known pop musician.

The couple stayed in a country side hotel.  You can read more about Icelandic countryside hotels on our blog Best Wedding Hotels in Iceland.

Pagan Wedding Ceremony in Iceland

Brittney and Matt chose to have their Iceland wedding ceremony on a look out deck over looking a majestic valley located on the South Coast of Iceland.  They shared their day with a few of their special loved ones.

The very couple decided on a Pagan ceremony tying in Iceland’s unique history into their special day. An Icelandic Pagan ceremony includes an oath ring and Viking drinking horn.  The ring, traditionally made of copper, is held by the couple during the exchanging of their vows, to symbolizes a bond stronger than blood.  The celebrant calls upon the Norse Gods to bless the union and to provide the partnership the strength and endurance to face and overcome the trials and tribulations of life.   Lastly, the couple drink from a Viking horn, symbolizing the abundance of life they have committed to share together.

The immense love this beautifully photogenic couple have for once another was easily captured in their photographs; but even the photographs simply could not do this perfect day justice.  It was a day filled with the magic and love; beauty and grace – definitely one for the books.  Their love, mixed with the beautiful colors of the Icelandic summer are simply something you NEED to experience for yourself.

Has this blog inspired you to take the leap and tie the knot in Iceland?  Are you interested in having a Pagan wedding ceremony in the South Coast of Iceland or any other region of Iceland?.  Contact Us today and we can get started planning your Iceland wedding or elopement NOW!”

The photographs featured in our South Coast Wedding in Iceland blog are taken by the very talented Leszek Nowakowski. We would like to a big shout out to him for sharing his work with us.




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