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Best Wedding Hotels in Iceland

Selecting a hotel to base your wedding at is an important step in the planning process.  Especially if you’re having guests.  After all you want your guests to feel taken care of and cozy in their accommodation.  Therefore, choosing from our list of best wedding hotels in Iceland will allow you to educate yourself…

How to Choose an Iceland Wedding Hotel

When you stay at a hotel, what elements are important to you or your guests?  For example, check out this list and determine…

  • Star Rating
  • Location
  • Room Types (Suite, apartments, family Rooms, deluxe, superior or standard rooms)
  • View
  • Cleanliness
  • Comfy beds
  • Décor
  • Facilities (IE, Bar, gym, hot tubs, pool, etc).
  • Restaurant inside the hotel.
  • Services (IE, Baggage delivery, room service, laundry, etc).
  • Amenities in Room (IE, Hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, care kit, shower cap, etc).
  • Early Check-in or Late Checkout.
  • Customer Service
  • Price per night.
  • Pay in advance, at arrival or checkout.
  • Reviews
  • How photogenic the hotel is… For instance, for your photographer to take your detail photos.
  • Menu of the hotel restaurant.
  • If there is a private room for available for rent your group for dinner and / or Iceland wedding reception.
  • Will the hotel allow outside décor, food, or alcohol to be brought in?

Once you narrow what items are most important to you then you can further narrow down your list of wedding hotels in Iceland to consider.

Best Wedding Hotels in Iceland

So what makes wedding hotels in Iceland the best?  Overall by North American standards it means the customer service is high, cleanliness is superior, and you walk away with an unforgettable experience.  In Iceland, most places uphold a European standard which in our opinion is slightly less than what North American expect.

To illustrate, most hotels have twin beds and adjoin then to make a “double” bed.  Which can translate to one of you sleeping in the crack!  Just be aware that there may be some cultural differences your guests may notice if they are well travelled.

Furthermore, we would love to introduce you to the best wedding hotels in Iceland by region for ease of reference.  Come along with us today…

Reykjavik Wedding Hotels

If you intend on basing yourself in Reykjavík, here are the best Iceland wedding hotels to consider in the city limits!

Although the list of hotels in Reykjavik is longer, these are the ones our team is comfortable suggesting.  Mainly because of the standard they maintain and put forth.  In the meantime, we wish you luck in your Iceland wedding hotel search!

Wedding Hotels in South Iceland

Oh la la the the best wedding hotels in Iceland in our opinion are in the South!  However, we are only going to share ones that we feel are suitable to accommodate and happy to welcome wedding groups.  Meanwhile, we will advise them in order going from Southwest to Southeast to be more helpful to you!

Countless more hotels are beyond this list of options throughout the South of Iceland.  But these are our professional recommendations if you’re looking for a North American high level standard.

Iceland Eastfjords Wedding Hotels

An often passed by area is the East of Iceland.  The fjords offer so much adventure and gorgeous places it is surely worth a stop.  Therefore, what are the best wedding hotels in Iceland in this area?  To illustrate, a short list follows below for you to research and consider…

Wedding Hotels in North Iceland

Heading up to Northern Iceland can be a trek.  Especially since the area is huge.  But more often than not it is totally worth it!  However, where do you stay if you’re looking to have a wedding with guests?

West Iceland Wedding Hotels

If you seek winding roads and the ultimate solitude then maybe getting married in West Iceland is ideal for you.  For instance, specifically considering the Westfjords or Snæfellsnes Peninsula as you research wedding hotels in Iceland.

Lastly, we hope this list of best wedding hotels in Iceland has left you inspired!  If you need help planning your Iceland wedding or elopement, we would love to help you.  Please contact us when you’re ready!

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