Top Iceland Wedding Reception Locations

When you embark on planning a wedding with guests in Iceland, one of the most important aspects outside of the ceremony, is dinner!  Therefore, you’ll want your first meal as newlyweds to blow your mind and impress your guests.  But how do you begin picking between Iceland Wedding Reception Locations?  Allow our Iceland Weddings & Honeymoons team to help ease your stress…

How to Plan a Wedding Reception in Iceland

First, you need to decide on what region of Iceland you will be getting married in.  Why?  Because it’s not nice for your guests to have a huge drive time from your ceremony location to reception.  However, if you must then consult a local Iceland wedding planner like us to help you book amenities like a bus or van.

Second, what type of space do you desire?  Or what type of setting works best for your group?  For example, you may want a private room so you can have privacy, toasts, first dances, and other traditional formalities.  Otherwise the alternatives could be semi-private or a table within the general area of a restaurant.

Third, think about what type of food with you wish to serve and if any of your guests have any diet concerns.  More often than not, folks opt in to try traditional Icelandic foods but others may want creature comforts from home.  Regardless, of the route you go, you may need to ask for a custom menu, so it’s important to have open communication between the potential Iceland wedding reception locations.

Elements of an Iceland Wedding Reception

So once you’ve decided on the above, it’s time to pick a location!  Which our Iceland Weddings & Honeymoons team will elaborate on further below.  In the meantime though, let’s talk about all of the other elements that you’ll need to think about in planning and considering Iceland wedding reception locations!

  1. Seating Chart
  2. Table Runners
  3. Fresh Flowers or Greenery on the Table.
  4. Chair Covers or Sashes
  5. Napkins (paper, colored or not and fold type).
  6. Place Cards
  7. Menu Cards
  8. Party Favors
  9. Chair Signs (Bride – Groom / Groom – Groom / Bride – Bride).
  10. Ambiance (lighting, candles, etc).
  11. Charger Plates
  12. What specific setup the restaurant provides (IE, silverware, bread plate, and glassware) according to the number of courses.
  13. Cake (Icelandic Kransakaka or American / Traditional Style).
  14. Late Night Snack Option
  15. Candy Bar
  16. Dance Area Space
  17. To have a DJ versus a Playlist
  18. Formalities (entrance; toasts; prayer; first daces; cake cutting, etc).

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Top Iceland Reception Locations

Ready to explore the perfect Iceland wedding reception locations?  Maybe this is where your planning journey begins too… You want to find the perfect reception location because the PARTY matters the most to you both.  Either way, you’ve come to the right place to do your research!  Our Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons team are happy to educate you on all of the options!

Reykjavik Restaurants that Welcome Wedding Groups

Being in Reykjavik, there are countless options from restaurants, meeting rooms, and banquet halls with views to consider.  Be aware all of the private spaces require an additional rental fee and / or a food cost minimum.  Although, today we are going to share with you our personal favorites for you to check out:

South Iceland Wedding Restaurants

Love how dynamic the South of Iceland and are considering Iceland wedding receptions locations within?  Here is a short list of places to consider…

Wedding Restaurants in East Iceland

If you’ve fallen in love with a location that is within the East, make sure you check out these Iceland wedding reception locations:

Places to Have Dinner in North ICeland

Finding your way to Northern Iceland for your wedding?  Make sure you check out the following locations to possibly consider them for your Iceland wedding reception locations….

Westfjords Wedding Reception Locations

Even though there are not a plethora of dining options within the Westfjords, there are several staples to consider!  So if you’re getting married in the Westfjords, please consider these Iceland wedding reception locations as you finalize…

Wedding Reception in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Countless weddings happen in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the most popular Iceland wedding reception locations follow:

Catering Companies in Iceland

It’s possible, that you fall in love with a luxury house or other rental space that will require you to bring in your own chef or catering team.  Therefore, check out this awesome list to get you started:

NEed Help with Organizing Your Iceland Reception?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with choices and what Iceland wedding reception locations may be a good fit for you?  Feel free to contact us to get more information on working with us to help you.

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