Pros and Cons of a Reynisfjara Wedding

Imagine rugged coastline, caves, basalt columns, green mountains, bird watching, and mysterious black sands…  What place in the world instantly comes to mind?  Well, if you have visited Iceland or seen photographs you might recognize this place to be a world famous beach in South Iceland.  Please allow us to educate you on everything you need to know about having a Reynisfjara wedding.

What is Reynisfjara?

Reynisfjara is an iconic black beach located in South Iceland.  You’ll find it nestled in-between Dyrholaey and the tiny town of Vik.  You can find it on Google Maps.  But please beware could be a fee for parking on arrival (the private landowners sometimes do this).  Furthermore, on this beach you will find the following landscape elements:

  1. Reynisdrangar Basalt Sea Stacks
  2. Basalt Columns
  3. 3 Caves (1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small)
  4. Glacier view if a clear day of Eyjafjallajökull.
  5. Black Sand
  6. Fallen Boulders
  7. Green Mountain
  8. Birds (Puffins are often nesting in the cliffs between June to mid-August).
  9. View of Dyrhólaey Sea Arch in the distance
  10. Riptide Ocean Waters

Also on the property is the Black Beach Restaurant.  There you can purchase lunch, an early dinner, snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate typically between 10:30am-7:30pm.

Reynisfjara Dangers

Unfortunately, this famed beach is known for “sneaker waves” and riptide waves.  To illustrate, if you turn your back on the waves or are not keeping your distance, there is a chance the wave can grab you and suck you in very quickly.  And if that happens, there is no saving you.  It will then turn into a recovery mission.

Mainly because of how the ocean drops off to a deep level mixed also with the water temperature.  Therefore, this is not a lay out and get a tan kind of beach.  Also, in considering having a Reynisfjara wedding this can be a dangerous spot during any time of the year.  See the sad news articles below for further reference:

So the lesson here is please keep your distance from the waves.  Additionally, upon arrival it is important to have a look at the warning signs in place before you walk to the beach and take seriously the warnings to stay safe.

Pros and Cons of Having a Reynisfjara Wedding

If you’re curious about getting married on this iconic and world famous beach it’s important to do your research!  Why?  Because of the dangers we highlighted above and also it has become a very very popular tourist location.  Therefore, we would like to share with you pros and cons of having a Reynisfjara wedding so you can understand better.

Reynisfjara Pros

Many beautiful landscapes converge on Reynisfjara Beach.  So it’s no wonder that over the last 10 years it has increasingly become an ideal Iceland wedding photo location.  After all, how many places in the world give you this otherworld kind of vibe.  Here are a list of pros  for having a Reynisfjara wedding ceremony:

  • 10 different backdrops in 1 location (see the list we called out above).
  • Unique textures for photo ops (basalt columns).
  • Shelter in the caves onsite if weather becomes challenging.
  • Birds nest in the cliffs making it very serene.
  • Short walk from the parking lot (5 minute walk across a sand path).
  • Bathrooms onsite inside restaurant.  Note: If not buying anything from the restaurant they will charge you small fee.

Cons of Reynisfjara

Next, in contemplating a Reynisfjara wedding you’ll come to find the list of cons is a bit larger than pros.  Likely because there are a lot of considerations to weigh between.  So here is our list:

  • Crowded (year round).  100’s of people at any given time throughout the entire area.
  • The smaller and larger caves can be inaccessible (and dangerous) to get to during high tide and the winter months.
  • Sneaker waves and riptide waves make this beach very dangerous year round.
  • Rock slides can happen and close the beach.  See the previous news article from 2019.
  • Tourists will not respect space if you’re holding a ceremony or doing wedding photos so don’t be surprised.
  • Complexity of acquiring permission from landowners.
  • Flying drones here is not permitted.

Alternative Iceland Wedding Location Ideas:

Okay so now maybe after reading all this you may want to consider other locations instead of planning a Reynisfjara wedding.  As part of our Iceland wedding planning process we would love to present several alternative options to you!  This is included in the basic package we offer which has open Q&A.  Feel free to contact us if you wish to venture into the Iceland elopement or wedding planning process with us.

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