Iceland Summer Elopement

20 Reasons to Plan an Iceland Summer Elopement

If you’re traveling to Iceland for the first time, you may gravitate to visiting during summer.  And you’re right for thinking that.  In fact, today we share with you 20 reasons to plan an Iceland Summer Elopement.

When is Summer in Iceland?

Summer months in Iceland are technically June, July, and August.  However, some locals debate this because the calendar offers ~ April 20th as the “first day of summer.”  But that date was settled back when Iceland only had 2 seasons being winter and summer.  Meanwhile the last 25 years there has been an introduction of Spring and Fall.  Therefore making Iceland a four seasons country.

20 Reasons to Plan an Iceland Summer Elopement

If Iceland is on your bucket list and you’re engaged why not turn your epic trip into a milestone start?  After all there are countless reasons why you should consider planning an Iceland summer elopement.  However today, we are just going to call out 20 of them to entice you!

#1: Better Weather

The months of June, July, and August offer the best and most stable weather than any other time of the year.  Also, has the least amount of rain and storms.  Nonetheless, that does not mean bad weather doesn’t happen, because it certainly does.  On the other hand, the odds are in your favor for better weather for your Iceland summer elopement.

#2: Can Easily Drive Everywhere

Driving in Iceland can be nerve racking to some especially during winter months.  Therefore, you can look forward to visiting during summertime so you can easily drive around the entire country if you choose in an economy car!

#3: Midnight Sun

Imagine during your Iceland summer elopement the sun does not set and you have 18-24 hours of daylight… Sound like the best day ever?

#4: Warmer Temperatures

Okay so warmer temperatures by Iceland’s standards versus rest of world is different.  Nevertheless, you can anticipate temperatures for an Iceland summer elopement to have highs between 58-77°F and lows between 38-48°F.  Although keep in mind if traveling to glaciers, highlands, or if strong winds the feel like temperature will be less.

#5: Tour Accessibility is More

Next, summer in Iceland is the busiest times for tour companies.  And many extend hours and bookings to accommodate availability.  Especially since the daylight hours are longer so take advantage of it.  For example, why not do a midnight sun glacier hike!

#6: Restaurants extend hours

Further, many restaurants extend hours and even add a lunch menu.  Bonus if you’re out enjoying your Iceland summer elopement and lose track of time.  However, we strongly suggest you still try to do reservations to avoid disappointment.

#7: Unique Lodging Options

With summer comes unique lodging options like glamping tents!

#8: Hiking Options are Abundant

No matter if you wish to embark on an hour hike, day hike, or several day and many miles hike.  Summer is hands down the time to do it.  So why not after your Iceland summer elopement day is finished?

#9: Highlands are Open

From Late June to August the Icelandic Highlands are ready for you to visit.  Just be sure you book a tour with a reputable company.  Further, if you intend on venturing into any part of the highlands on your own make sure your 4×4 is rated for it.  Also that you’re very aware (do your research) where river crossings are and if your vehicle has a snorkel, etc.

#10: More Adventurous Honeymoon

Additionally, if you’ve come to Iceland seeking an adventurous honeymoon… This is yet another reason to plan an Iceland summer elopement.  Because the types of adventures you can do are endless.  For example, white water rafting, ziplining, ice climbing, SUP, canyoneering, paragliding, etc.

#11: Lupines!

Visiting during mid-June to mid-July?  Then you may be lucky enough to witness the lupines fully in bloom.  This is where fields of purple are abundant as you drive throughout the island.  Especially in the south too.

#12: Contrast (vivid colors)

Lover of landscape contrasts?  Where you see vivid greens, dynamic black sands, and crazy shaped mountains.  Visit Iceland during summer!

#13: Chase Waterfalls from Sun up to down!

With having endless daylight hours you have more time to see amazing things!  For example, maybe leave some of the heavy touristy waterfalls for very early in the morning and after 7-8pm at night so you have less tourists in your photos.


Many who visit during winter, do not get the chance to visit the East or West Fjords.  Yet, planning an Iceland summer elopement allows you to even be married among them!

#15: Glacier Lagoon isn’t Frozen!

More often than not, during many of the winter months the glacier lagoons freeze.  Therefore, the icebergs are not freely moving around.  Rather they are locked in place.  But during your Iceland summer elopement you’ll experience the beauty up close and personal!


Believe it or not, there are many islands that are surround Iceland.  Further, some of them you can visit during summertime too!

#17: Puffins!

Bird watching enthusiast?  Then visiting Iceland will be a real treat for you before, during, or after your Iceland summer elopement adventure.  Why?  Because puffins are nesting and they are amazing to watch, so bring your binoculars.

#18: Bring less clothes and gear

Traveling to Iceland for an Iceland summer elopement means you will not need heavy winter clothes or gear.  Less to fly with!

#19: Go Whale Watching!

Whale watching season is formally between April-September.  So why not give it a go before or after your Iceland summer elopement?

#20: Experience Local Festivals

Lastly, if you’re a festival goer there are many that happen during the summer months.  You can check out the list of festivals in Iceland to see if any sound interesting!

Booking Your Summer Elopement in Iceland

Convinced and ready to plan an Iceland summer elopement?  Our Iceland Weddings & Honeymoons team would love to chat with you more… Please contact us to get the convo started!  Our process is straight forward and easy, we promise!

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