Swimming pools in Iceland

Swimming Pools in Iceland

Did you know that there are over 80 public swimming pools in Iceland?  Another fun fact is that most of them are open all year around.  Do not worry though.  They are all heated so you can visit one or all of them when you visit, no matter what time of year it is.   Need an idea on what to do while honeymooning in Iceland?  See how many swimming pools you can visit during your stay.

In this blog we will give you the website and map link to numerous swimming pools in Iceland.  Allowing you an easier guide to their opening hours and locations.

Swimming pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the city of Akureyri

Fun facts about swimming pools in Iceland

Almost every town in Iceland has its own public swimming pool, a few of the bigger towns have numerous pool.  The greater metropolitan area has 15 of them!

Why are there so many swimming pools in  Iceland, you ask.  One reason is our abundance of renewable energy from geothermal areas located all over Iceland.

Swimming pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the city of Reykjavík / Laugardalslaug

Swimming Pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the city of Reykjavík / Laugardalslaug

Swimming pools in Iceland are also very popular amongst the locals.  The pools are a place for the locals to catch up with friends, the latest news and gossip.  Since 1940, it has been mandatory for all children to learn how to swim.  Swimming lessons are taught from first grade up until 10th grade.

In most swimming pools in Iceland you will find the following: the obvious, a swimming pool, a few hot tubs with different temperatures, a cold pot, a steam room and a sauna.  If you are lucky you might find a slide or two.

Swimming Pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the town of Kópavogur

Before we tell you about some of the pools located around the country there are a few things you should know before heading to a swimming pool in Iceland.

What You Need To Know:

  • Admittance to public swimming pools is usually around $9 USD. Most pools in the bigger cities are open till 10pm on weekdays and a bit shorter on weekends. Always check opening hours before you make the trip so you will not be let down if they happen to be closed.
  • You must start by paying the admittance fee to your pool of choice.  If you do not have a towel or a swim suit, most pools can rent you one.  We suggest checking before you arrive.
  • Do not wear your shoes inside the locker room.  Worried about loosing your shoes, simply take off your shoes and keep them in your locker (As a courtesy place them in a bag so they do not make the locker dirty).
  • You do not take your towel with you outside, you leave your towel in a rack outside of the shower area. You can keep your shampoo and conditioner there too.
  •  Before entering the swimming pool you are required to shower (without your swimming suit).  This is mandatory. Some swimming pools have private stalls, however not all of them do.
  • All cameras, telephones and smart devices are prohibited.  Leave your phone, camera, and tablet in your locker.
  • Lastly, enjoy!
Swimming pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the city of Reykjavík / Vesturbæjarlaug

Swimming pools in the greater metropolitan area

Down town Reykjavík

Sundhöll Reykjavikur  map link HERE

Laugardalslaug map link HERE

Vesturbæjarlaug map link HERE


Breiðholtslaug map link HERE


Árbæjarlaug map link HERE


Sundlaug Kópavogs map link HERE

Salalaug map link HERE


Lagafellslaug map link HERE


Ásgarðslaug map link HERE

Álftaneslaug map link HERE


Suðurbæjarlaug map link HERE


Sundlaug Seltjarnaness map link HERE


Swimming Pools in the south of Iceland


Sundlaugin Laugarskarði map link HERE


Sundhöll Selfoss  map link HERE


Sundlaugin Hellu map link HERE


Sundlaugin map link HERE


Sundlaug map link HERE


Sundlaug Kirkjubæjarklaustur map link HERE

Swimming pools in East of Iceland


Sundlaug Hafnar map link HERE


Sundlaug Djúpavogs map link HERE


Sundlaug Egilstaðar map link HERE

Swimming pools in north of Iceland


Sundlaug Akureyrar map Link HERE


Sundlaug Dalvíkur map link HERE


Sundlaug Sauðakrós map link HERE


Sundlaug Húsavíks map link HERE


Swimming pools in west of Iceland


Sundlaug Hólmavíks map link  HERE


Sundhöll Ísafjarðar map link HERE


Sundlaug Flateyrar map link HERE


Sundlaug Stykkishólmar map link HERE

Swimming Pools in Iceland

Photograph borrowed from the town of Seltjarnanes

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