Romantic Iceland Waterfall Elopement

Imagine this, you are madly in love and you are about to tie the knot. You cross the Atlantic Ocean to Iceland with the love of your life just the two of you. Sounds exciting right?

That is exactly what Jassmone and Cleveland did. They eloped at a stupendous Iceland waterfall. How romantic is that?

What is the difference between a Iceland wedding and an Iceland elopement? We at Iceland Weddings and Honeymoon define it after your guest count. Anything with one guest or more is considered a wedding while an elopement is just the couple.

Deciding on an elopement versus a wedding can depend on many different aspects. Some couples simply want to enjoy a romantic get away with their one and only and take in every special moment of the day with their sheer focus on each other.  Planning an elopement helps you to eliminate the hassle and stress of planning a wedding with your closest family and friends included on your wedding day. Most of these clients opt to either have a big engagement party or by celebrating their wedding reception back home.

Budget can also play a huge part in a couples decision on whether to elope or have a wedding. Some clients choose to spend a large amount of their budget on luxury and quality. A bigger budget equals better hotels, better food, a better photographer, a videographer team etc. Eloping can also create more wedding ceremony locations as not all locations can hold too many guest. More guests equals more food, more transportation costs and more time at each location. You get the point.


Jassmone and Cleveland decided to have an Iceland waterfall elopement just the two of them. They trusted us at Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons completely to help them make their dream Icelandic waterfall elopement come true.

The couple started their day at the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura.  They then drove together in their rental car to their epic wedding ceremony location.  A romantic Iceland waterfall in the south.   They met with their Iceland wedding photographer and their celebrant a small distance away from their epic wedding ceremony location.  The couple choose a location with a light hike, making it that more worth it when they got there.  How adventurous.

After their Iceland wedding celebrant conducted their wedding ceremony their Iceland wedding photographer Birta took these stunning photographs that are featured in this blog.

We would like to give a big thank you to Birta for allowing us to feature her photographs in this blog and to the couple for allowing us to write about them.  We would also like to share with you a few worlds from our bride and groom Jassmone and Cleveland.

“Even through a pandemic you all were able to help us to make October 21st, 2021 the most magical and memorable day of our lives. It was absolutely the best experience. The photographer was so kind and made capturing our moments of happiness fun and easy. Our celebrant was equally as amazing. She helped make sure we were comfortable and that the wedding dress was perfectly fluffed for each shot.

The florist did an amazing job and I received so many compliments on the bouquet.
Overall we had the best experience thanks to you all. “

Have you always wanted to elope in another country, perhaps across the Atlantic Ocean like our featured couple above? Iceland has an abundance of breathtaking locations perfect for your dream elopement or wedding.  Contact us today and we help you plan the most memorable Iceland elopement you have ever dreamed of.


P.s here are a few more pictures of this completely photogenic couple.  We just could not choose which ones to share with you all.  Who ever said less is more was wrong!



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