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Documented history in Iceland begins in 874 AD, which is when the first formal settlement is created.  Next, in 930 AD is when the formal Parliament is founded according to the Landnámabók.  Maybe you’re interested in stepping back in time?  Then during your trip take time to checkout the best Icelandic museums…

Best Icelandic Museums to Visit

Throughout the entire country, you’ll find interesting museums that provide you a little look into what once was.  Likely, if you’ve just begun planning your trip to Iceland, you’re not sure what types institutions there are.  Or where the best Icelandic museums are located.  Today we are happy to educate you on that topic!

Museums in Reykjavik

Within the city limits of Reykjavik there are Icelandic museums to choose from.  From places that feature history to whales and even the one and only penis museum!  Yes you read that correctly.   Maybe before or after your Reykjavik wedding, you’ll want to have a look at one of the options below.  Likely rain or shine you’ll walk away learning something!

Top Museums in South Iceland

It’s no secret the South of Iceland is rich in dynamic landscapes.  But is there a plethora of museums to hit up while on your journey around the island?  Short answer is yes, but decide for yourself on which Icelandic museums you choose…

East Iceland Museums to See

If you make your way to East Iceland and want to be immersed into local history and culture via Icelandic Museums, we encourage you to check any or all of the following spots…

North Iceland Museums

Heading up to North Iceland, you’ll find the Icelandic Museums are diverse.  However, be aware that many are only open during the summer months.  Therefore, please check before you go.  Anyhow, feel free to use this list of museums in North Iceland during your trip around the island:

Interesting Institutions in West Iceland

Although the West Iceland and the fjords, is not on everyone’s agenda the first time they come to Iceland, it should be!  Well at the very least, the second or third trip around! 😉 For example, one of the most unique Icelandic museums exists here with some scary artifacts like “necropants” within the Witchcraft Museum.  Here’s a short list of some places to checkout:

In conclusion, we would love to know what museum in the above intrigues you?

Getting Married at a Museum in Iceland

Likely, now you’re wondering whether or not you can be married in one of the above amazing Icelandic Museums, right?  Good question and one our Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons team would love to assist you with.  It is possible to be married inside or outside of the countless museums throughout the Icelandic countryside.  However, it is best to involve a local Iceland wedding planner so that you can get all of the details in a straightforward way.  Lastly, feel free to contact us to get more information.

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