Pagan Cave Wedding in Iceland

Iceland is not only the land of ice and fire, it has so many other elements and breath taking features to offer.  The numerous caves of Iceland are one of them.   Imagine having an Iceland wedding featuring not only one of Iceland’s magical caves but also adding a waterfall to the mix.  This blog will feature exactly that.  Paul and Jo decided to have their magical wedding in Iceland and they mixed an Icelandic cave with one of Iceland’s numerous waterfalls.

Paul and Jo originally contacted Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons in the beginning of January 2021.  Their aim was to be married on February 22nd, of 2022.  How cool is that date? 02/22/2022!  One for the books for sure.

The couple wanted to have an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family in one of Iceland’s spectacular locations.   After thoughtfully looking through our location list they found the perfect wedding ceremony location.  Paul and Jo decided to privately book a cave not to far away from Reykjavík.  To match their ceremony location they decided on a Pagan wedding ceremony to go along with their epic cave location.

Their day began with a small bus picking them and their guests up in Reykjavík.  Once in the bus, they drove over to the wedding ceremony location.  This epic man made cave aging back to what is believed, the 9th century.  This location just keeps getting cooler and cooler!

A Pagan wedding ceremony starts with the celebrant sanctifying the location and time.  The ceremony is conducted using an oath ring.  The couple along with their pagan celebrant all hold the oath ring with one hand while the couple make their personal oaths to one another.

After their oaths the rings are exchanged.

The ceremony is then concluded with everyone drinking from a horn.  Usually the drink in the horn is an Icelandic beer.

Following Paul and Jo’s epic wedding ceremony the group proceeded to visit 2 other locations.  A waterfall followed by a black sand beach.  Given the time of the year there was lots of photogenic ice structures on the beach.  Allowing the group to really see so much of what Iceland has to offer.

Iceland Pagan Cave Wedding

After their pagan cave wedding, Paul, Jo and their guests visited one of Reykjavík’s popular restaurants to celebrate.

Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons helped Paul and Jo plan the following:

  • Wedding Ceremony Location
  • Icelandic Pagan Celebrant
  • Marriage License Paperwork
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Transportation
  • Flowers
  • Reception Venue

Here are a few words from the couple:

“We cannot thank you enough for your efforts and have to say the whole experience completely blew us away and exceeded all we thought it would be. We cannot wait to come back to Reykjavik in the future.
Thanks again to you and the team.
Paul & Jo.”
 Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons would like to give a big shout out to Leszek Nowakowski for allowing us to feature his photography in our blog.

Has Paul and Jo’s special day inspired you to take the leap to plan your own Iceland Pagan cave wedding?  We also have another cave that can be rented privately.   Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons would love to help you get the ball rolling!  Contact Us today!


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