Icelandic Chocolates for Your Wedding

Did you know the history of chocolate begins in 450 B.C.?  It was then that the Aztecs discover cacao seeds in which they made into aphrodisiac beverages thought to provide strength.  Fast forward then to the 6th century where it finds it’s way to Europe and gets added with sugar.  Next it spreads around the world and becomes the staple we all love and appreciate now.  Therefore, in planning a wedding in Iceland you may want to treat yourself and guests to some scrumptious Icelandic chocolates as party favors!

Icelandic Chocolates as Wedding Favors

Providing your guests with a party favor is a wonderful gesture they will always remember.  First, they we will appreciate the presentation at each place setting.  Second, they will be overwhelmed by how thoughtful you are to think of them.  Third, when they see the chocolates are local they will be so excited to taste a piece of the culture!  And as a bonus, also consider adding some traditional desserts to further your guests experience.

Brands of Chocolates in Iceland

But now that you love the idea you may be curious to know what types of local Icelandic chocolates are available to choose from?  Allow our Iceland Weddings and Honeymoons team to educate you.  That way you can be prepared…

Simple Icelandic Chocolates

  • Nói Síríus: Is an Icelandic chocolate brand that begins in 1920.  Further, they make lots of different items like bar, balls, and other chocolaty licorice based items.  Worth a try when you come to see what the buzz is about all these years.
  • OmNom Chocolates: Began in Iceland in 2013 and hit the country by storm.  Overtime it becomes an internationally recognized brand.  They focus on making interesting blends of “bar” chocolate and also small balls.  To illustrate, flavor combinations like licorice and sea salt; sea salted toffee; and black n’burnt barley.
  • Traditional” Icelandic Chocolate: Is often referred to as the “touristy” chocolate because it is packaged as such but made by well known chocolate house.
  • Kólus / Sambó Confectionary: Is a versatile chocolate maker that makes all different types of chocolate based sweets.  Their history begins in 1962.

Luxury Chocolate in Iceland:

  • Hafliði Ragnarsson Konfekt: Is in our opinion the fanciest and most delicate chocolatier in Iceland who begins in 2003.  Everything you buy looks and feels like art.  For instance, it’s so pretty you may not even want to eat it, but please do!
  • Nóa Konfekt: Is the higher end boxed option from Nói Síríus.
  • Sandholt Bakery: Often makes their own delicate chocolates so be on the lookout if you visit to downtown Reykjavik.  Especially before you head out for Reykjavik nightlife!

Additionally, there were a few others in this category but it seems they were victims of the pandemic.  We hope to see them return soon and will keep you updated if and when we see them re-emerge.

Where and How to Buy

No matter if you are here in Iceland shopping or back home, you can get Icelandic chocolates in your hands!  Here is a the shortlist of where to buy the above chocolate types…  Simple chocolates can easily be found in all of the local grocery stores.

For example, Hagkaup, Kronan, Bonus, Netto, Krambúðin and even some fuel stations.  Next, online you can purchase through many of their websites which we linked to above.  Further, if you’re in the U.S.A, you may even be able to find at your local Whole Foods and Fresh Markets.

Then if you wish to indulge in the more luxurious Icelandic chocolates, it is best to purchase from the Duty Free store at arrival or at departure.  Or directly with the artisan chocolatier (HR or Sandholt).  We hope today our blog post on Icelandic chocolates has inspired you to treat yourself and guests!  In conclusion, if you need an extra hand in planning your Iceland wedding or elopement details, we would love to help you.  Please contact us when you’re ready!

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