Wedding in Iceland Reception Costs 2022

In choosing Iceland to get married you have signed on for a world of adventure.  Endless ceremony locations and all types of reception options.  Likely though you have no idea what Iceland reception costs look like.  Therefore today, our Iceland Weddings & Honeymoons team would like to take you through and educate you.

Private Iceland Wedding Reception

If you are planning to have an Iceland wedding with guests, you likely want to have a private room reception.  For example, that way, your group can be in their own space to be yourselves and not be gawked at by others.  Also, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy any traditional aspects such as the following:

  • Toasts
  • Prayer
  • Formal Dances
  • Group Dances
  • Entertainment: DJ, Musicians, or play your own playlist.
  • Cut your Wedding Cake
  • Other traditions you may have in your home country.

When you consider having a private room in regards to your Iceland reception costs, the cost can vary.  But will likely fall between 50,000 ISK – 1,000,000 ISK (Icelandic Krona) per day / night depending on the reception location.  Be aware, this cost would be in addition to any other costs like food, drink, entertainment, etc.

Furthermore, there are some Iceland wedding hotels with restaurants inside that may offer a private room free of charge with a room block booking over 10 rooms.  However, many of those will not allow DJ’s, bands, or any loud party music.


Choosing your Iceland wedding reception location begins by what area of Iceland you wish to be in.  Each region of Iceland has some fabulous options to consider as we share in the above blog post.  And if you’re not wanting to have any formalities or entertainment.  Then maybe you just want a private space that your group can talk, laugh, do a toast or two and have your own playlist of music.  Then considering a local restaurant with a private room can often be a good fit.

Wedding Menu Costs

Iceland receptions costs for your wedding menu varies and you probably assume.  Plus there are all kinds of directions you could go too depending on your lodging.  To illustrate, a restaurant might charge the following:

  • Appetizer: 1,690 ISK – 2,490 ISK per
  • Main Course: 2,990 ISK – 7,690 ISK per
  • Dessert: 1,890 ISK – 3,290 ISK per
  • Kransakaka: 10,000 ISK – Up
  • Traditional Wedding Cake: 7,000 ISK – Up

Iceland Wedding Bar Tab

Your guests have travelled a long way to your wedding in Iceland.  So why not treat them to whatever they wish to drink too?  On the other hand, what can you anticipate as far as Iceland receptions costs for drinks?

  • Icelandic Beer: 700 ISK – 1,700 ISK per
  • Cocktails: 2,000 ISK – 2,990 ISK per
  • Wine by the Glass: 750 ISK – 2,500 ISK per
  • By the Bottle: 6,900 ISK – 129,900 ISK per (depending on type)

Although if your group are heavy drinkers, you may want to set some limits.  For instance, maybe set a specific dollar amount and getting a warning from the waitstaff at the certain point or straight up do a cash bar.  Or let your guests know, you are only covering beer, house wine, and non-alcoholic so you can be more budget minded.

Party Favors

Sometimes you want to surprise your guests with party favors placed at each place setting.  There is not pressure to do it as in destination weddings, it is not always done.  However, it can be nice to gift your guests with something local.  For example, things like Icelandic cooking salts, art, chocolate, handmade wool items, etc.  Iceland reception costs for party favors can vary between 600 ISK – 20,000 ISK per depending on what you’re gifting.

Entertainment for Your Wedding in Iceland

Maybe you love the idea of having some sort of entertainment during your wedding reception in Iceland.  Well, that could mean you hire some of the following folks:

  • Iceland Wedding DJ: 100,000 ISK – 325,000 ISK depending on time frame.  Travel, food, and lodging is typically in addition to this.
  • Icelandic Bands: 350,000 ISK – 1,500,000 ISK depending on time frame.  Travel, food, and lodging is typically in addition to this.
  • Comedians / Shows: 400,000 ISK – 1,000,000 ISK.

Iceland Wedding Décor

If you want to enhance your wedding in Iceland, then adding décor to dinner can do the trick!  But what are you looking at in regards to Iceland reception costs?  Well, this is a loaded question.  As everyone has different ideas on what décor means.  For instance, it could mean the room itself, the table (IE, napkins, charger plates, table runner, place cards, etc), chairs (adding covers or sashes), or it could mean you are having a florist / stylist come with fresh flowers or greenery.

Further, it could be cheaper for you to bring in your own items and decorate yourself with a table runner, candles, and party favors.  But then again who wants that added stress?  The again, you could hire a Day of Planner who assists you in those efforts.  Additionally, your budget will vary for this due to your guest count.  For instance, if you only have 4 guests joining you and you’re at 1 round table then 1 flower arrangement could be enough.  We have seen nice one table arrangements go for between 10,000 ISK – 60,000 ISK each.

Other things you could consider would be things like basalt rocks, driftwood, moss, garland greenery, etc.  It is best to contact a professional with photo examples, share your guest count, and then devise a plan from there.  But if we had to give you loose estimates on what you might spend for something nice we would suggest the following ranges:

  • 10 Guests or Less: 65,000 ISK – 200,000 ISK
  • 10-25 Guests: 200,000 ISK – 400,000 ISK
  • 25-50 Guests: 400,000 ISK – 600,000 ISK
  • 50-75 Guests: 600,000 ISK – 800,000 ISK
  • 75-100 Guests: 800,000 ISK – 1,000,000 ISK
  • 100-125 Guests: 1,000,00,000 ISK – 1,200,000 ISK
  • 125-150 Guests: 1,200, 000 ISK – 1,500,000 ISK

Budget Saving Tips

After all of that Iceland reception costs talk, you’re probably curious on where or how can there be any savings in such an expensive country?  It is possible but you’ll likely need to compromise on some things.  Just keep that in mind along with reading some of our previous Iceland wedding budget posts and you’ll do just fine!  Lastly, if you want to hire an experience local Iceland wedding planner, feel free to contact us to get that conversation started!

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