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How to Plan a North Iceland Wedding

The North is one of the regions of Iceland that is often overlooked and underrated.  Likely it’s because of the time it takes to travel to, from, and around.  But then that gives couples who wish to plan a North Iceland wedding or elopement an opportunity to potentially have less tourists around in some cases!  Come along with us today as we share a guide to eloping in the North…

Planning a North Iceland Wedding

Deciding to plan a North Iceland wedding means you’re signing up to explore some iconic landscapes.  Did you know that Northern Iceland is also commonly referred to as Norðurlands?  To illustrate, the area is expansive and goes as far west as Hvammstangi and east as Vopnafjörður then up through the fjords.

Furthermore, the largest town is named Akureyri.  Which is actually not large enough to be a city, but has the creature comforts of one.  Be aware, that if intending to get married here, you start early as there can be limited accommodation options near to your desired locations.

Northern Iceland Elopement Locations

Picturesque locations are endlessly throughout the North.  However, please keep in mind it can take a bit longer to drive to them versus the South of Iceland.  But that does not mean they are any less beautiful or worth the discovery!  So the next question is will you choose an outdoor location or a church?

Although we would love to share with you the specific list of stunning locations to consider, that list is reserved for our clients.  We will share with you some of the most beautiful areas should you decide to plan your own North Iceland wedding adventure…  For example, here’s a short list to potentially consider:

  • Akureyri (5 hours from Reykjavik)
  • Blönduós (3 hours 15 minutes from Reykjavik)
  • Dalvik (5 hours 10 minutes from Reykjavik)
  • Grenivik (5 hours 30 minutes from Reykjavik)
  • Húsavík (6 hours from Reykjavik)
  • Mývatn (5 hours from Reykjavík)
  • Raufarhöfn (8 hours from Reykjavik)
  • Siglufjörður (5 hours from Reykjavik)
  • Vopnafjörður (7 hours 30 minutes from Reykjavik)

Example Schedule for Eloping in North Iceland

Are you planning a North Iceland wedding with guests?  Or are just the two of you planning to elope?  Either way, having an in advance schedule in place is important.  For example, that way you’re able to see and do all you planned for.  If you’ve hired an Iceland wedding planner, they can help you do this.  But if you go at it alone, consider the following steps:

Firstly, once you have settled on your ceremony location figure out when it will be less touristy.  Second, then plan your getting ready time and drive time accordingly.  Don’t forget time for your Iceland wedding ceremony too.  Third, figure in your other stops you wish to explore and ensure timing fits.  Forth, make sure you consider bathroom stops and lunch if needed.  Lastly, ending your night with a delicious hot meal or formal reception is always nice so add that in too!

Hotels in the North

Where you stay in North Iceland can impact your wedding day schedule so choose wisely!  Maybe you choose a less nice hotel so you have a shorter drive.  Or maybe you don’t care and want to be spoiled, no shame in that!  But remember to checkout our list of North Iceland wedding hotels so you can educate yourself then decide.

Places to Eat in North Iceland

Food makes everyone happy especially at the end of the day.  If you decide to cook it yourself, there is a butcher shop in Akureyri next to the Bonus grocery store (cheapest).  If you crave something else, the other grocery stores nearby the bigger town is called Nettó and Hagkaup (more expensive).

Otherwise, most hotels both in the larger village of Akureyri and in the countryside have restaurants inside so take advantage of the local meal choices.  And if you want something specific on the night of your wedding, ask in advance so they can be prepared.  Also, if planning a North Iceland wedding with guests, make sure a reservation for your group is booked months in advance if possible.  Likely you will have to provide meal choices ahead of time (typically 30 days before).

Iceland Wedding Tips for Rural Locations

Meanwhile, after all of this North Iceland wedding information, you might be wondering what cons you may face.  For instance, if you are planning a wedding in a rural area of the North, it’s likely no florist will be in the village.  And even if they are, they may not be able to accommodate your design request.  Therefore, it may be better to grab your wedding bouquet when in Reykjavik or bring from home to ensure no disappointments.

In conclusion, if you’re planning for a Iceland wedding in the North during summer (June to August) you’re biggest concern will be tourists and reservations not being available.  But visiting in the off season months (September – May) weather may challenge you so plan extra days and grab the right vehicle to drive in Iceland.  Lastly, are you ready to get to work planning your North Iceland elopement or wedding?  Feel free to contact us to get started!

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