Glymur Hiking Elopement Kara + Kyle

Kara and Kyle choose to challenge themselves with an epic hiking elopement.  To one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls, Glymur.  The water fall is a whopping 650 feet tall!  The longer the hike, the greater the reward.  Imagine hiking for hours, crossing rivers, seeing waterfalls, caves, and sheep all while on your wedding day!  That exactly what Kara and Kyle did on their wedding day!

The hike

Equipped with all the necessary equipment; great hiking boots, hiking poles, hiking attire, wedding attire. The couple and  the photographer, and a celebrant they ventured on their way.

It is very important to know what kind of terrain you will be hiking on in order to be well prepared.  Head over to another one of our blogs, Iceland Wedding Location for more information on terrain and the correct gear needed to make the most out of your wedding.  We also recommend checking the weather before hand, along with to make sure all roads are accessible throughout your special day.

The couple had an early day, they met with their photographer and celebrant at 8am to to start the hike to their wedding ceremony.  Starting the day early is a great way to avoid other tourist along the way. Over all they spent 8 exciting hours hiking back and forth. Stopping at numerous different spots for photographs, their ceremony and to explore! True adventure seekers, taking in every moment as they moved along.

The ceremony

Kara and Kyle wanted to have an intimate private wedding ceremony with just the two of them.  They decided to have a sweet send of party back home with their friends and family; allowing them to have their dream wedding and ceremony

They had their ceremony over looking the majestic fjord.  Their celebrant started with a short speech, the couple exchanged their personal vows,  exchanged their rings and sealed the deal with a kiss.  For the first time as husband and wife, and on top of that, literally at the top of the world!


Here are a few words from the Kara:

“We were a little nervous planning a wedding in a place that we had never been before, but you all made it so easy. We were excited from looking through the pictures, but it has genuinely been even better in person.  Our officiant, has been so welcoming that he almost feels like family to us now, which was especially nice since we chose to come here without family. David was also great company on the hike and went to great lengths to get the photo.. Iceland itself, especially Glymur which was the most gorgeous place that I have ever seen in my life, has been so much better than we were expecting. “

When planning a wedding at Glymur it is extremely important that you have a local Iceland Wedding planner helping you through the way.  Glymur can be very dangerous if you do not know the area well enough.  It is important to have the correct guidance to make sure you are safe on your wedding day. Please note: The log crossing the river is only there during the summer months.

Summer Solstice is on June 21st, the day with more sunlight than any other day of the year.  In Iceland we have the midnight sun, that means that during the couples stay in Iceland, the sun barely set.  Allowing them loads of time in the daylight to explore and discover all our country has to offer.  Their special day was June 22nd, 2022.


We would like to give a big shout out to DGJ for allowing us to feature his photography on this blog, you can see more of his work on the blog Iceland Waterfall Wedding: Amy + Todd.

Copyright: DGJ Photography

Has Kara and Kyles epic hiking elopement spiked your interest in taking the leap to plan your own epic hiking wedding in Iceland?  Contact Us, and we can start planning your special day!


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