Perfect time to elope in Iceland

When is the Perfect Time to Elope in Iceland?

Do you love the moodiness of the Icelandic landscapes?  Crazy about the vivid green that live here?  Want to be surrounded by a snowy wonderland?  Believe it or not, we have four seasons in Iceland!  All have their ups, downs, and charms.  But when is the perfect time to elope in Iceland?

Iceland’s Four Seasons

When you decide to book a trip to Iceland, you may pick the time of year based on your work schedule, an activity you want to do, accommodation availability, flight costs, or what the landscape looks like, who knows!  However, no matter your motivation, when you choose to visit you’ll experience the island in a differently during each season.

First, during Winter (November – March) you may motivated by experiencing Northern Lights or visiting an ice cave.  Second, if you come during Spring (April – May) maybe you seek cooler but dryer weather as you drive around the ring road.  Third, traveling to Iceland during Summer (June – August) you’ll experience super green landscapes, open roads in the highlands, and our warmest temperatures.  Fourth, during Fall in Iceland (September – October) colors emerge, temperatures drop and Northern Lights begin again.

Regardless of the month you choose, the perfect time to elope in Iceland is all up to your opinion!  After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  But as Iceland wedding planners, we will try to make it a bit easier for you to decide…

Perfect Time to Elope in Iceland

When something is perfect is different for each one of us.  For example, when you think about the perfect time to elope in Iceland what instantly comes to mind?  Well here is a quick cheat sheet of the best time to for specific landscape features:

  • Waterfalls = Year Round.
  • Natural Caves = Year Round.
  • Canyons =  Greener during May – October.
  • Icelandic Highlands = Mid – June to Mid – September.
  • Black Beaches = Year Round (but know they are more volatile in winter!)
  • Northern Lights = End of August – Mid April.
  • Chance of Snow on Ground = November – March.
  • Golden Beaches = April – October.
  • Lupine (purple flowers blooming everywhere in the South): Mid-June to Mid-July.
  • Snowiest Month = February.
  • Calmest Seas = June – August.
  • Natural Ice Caves = November – Mid March (safest and most abundant).
  • Man Made Ice Cave on Langjökull = Year Round
  • Less Tourists = November and April.
  • Warmest Months = July – Mid -August.
  • Less Storms = April – August.
  • Coldest = January
  • Darkest = December – January.
  • Longest Day = Summer Solstice (June 21st).
  • Shortest Day = December 21st.
  • Rainiest = October
  • Driest = May
  • Cloudiest Month = December.
  • Sunniest Month = August.
  • Windiest Time of Year in Iceland = Late September to March.  If you love windy dress photos!
  • Best Time to Drive the Ring Road = June – August.

Winter Weddings in Iceland

The formal winter months in Iceland are between November – March.  You may find during those months (excluding the holiday season December 20-January 6th) rates for flights and hotels can be cheaper.  But let’s talk about what to expect if you choose winter to be your perfect time to elope in Iceland…

Firstly, one average if you want lots of snow, don’t choose the city limits or the South.  But know the snowiest months in those areas is typically February.  Secondly, you can anticipate temperatures being between  14 – 41°F (-10°C to 5°C) but a “feel like” temperature much colder due to the wind chills.  Thirdly, the type of weather you could experience is everything!  From sun to a road closing blizzard and everything in-between.

Iceland Spring Weddings

Instantly as soon as Spring comes (April – May) the landscape feels alive again!  The brown green begins to get more vivid, the days get longer, and the weather gets better.  In fact, some often refer to May being “gluggaveður” which is an Icelandic words which translates to “window weather.”  For instance, it’s the kind of day where you look outside and it’s bright and sunny and dress like it’s a heat wave.  But when you head outside it chills your bones!

Furthermore, Spring can most often be our driest and picturesque in regards to weather.  However it is also a season that can have all weather types too.  For example, gale force wind storms, hail, and of course rain.  Additionally, the range of temperatures you can expect would be between 32-46.4°F (0 to 8°C).  Is Spring your perfect time to elope in Iceland?

Summer Elopements in Iceland

If you are seeking the most vivid and greenest than your perfect time to elope in Iceland is Summer!  The summer months fall between June to August.  Also be aware, the highland roads begin to open around mid-June.  But if we have a heavy winter it can be delayed to mid-July.

Temperatures vary between 50 – 68°F (10 to 20°C).  And if you’re one of those folks who like to explore more this is an ideal time to visit as this is the time of the “midnight sun.”  Where you have 14.5 to 20 hours of daylight to adventure in.   Again, the purple flower (Alaskan lupine) is abundant throughout the south between mid-June to mid-July.  Outside of that frame they will be green bushes or brown.

Likewise these months are more often than not the nicest of the year if you like warm dry days.  Subsequently, though, there is still the random gale force wind storm, heavy rains, and overcast skies, but they are often less than compared to the rest of the year.  Regardless it is a fabulous time for eloping in Iceland!

Eloping in Fall

Autumn lovers rejoice!  Fall in Iceland is between September and October.  Further, the green begins to brown, rain becomes or prominent, and the chance for storms increase.  Additionally, though you could be lucky and experience the Northern Lights.  Which for many could be the perfect time to elope in Iceland!

The climate can be between 50 – 68°F (0–10°C) but the wind chill will make it feel way colder!  As you head into October, the light in the day becomes softer and almost more “golden” feeling / look.  Nevertheless, if you intend on heading up north or in any of the fjord towns your daylight hours will be significantly less.  Ready to relive an October elopement ?  Or how about an Iceland fall wedding with guests in a cave?!

Ready to Plan Your Elopement?

Have you figured out your perfect time to elope in Iceland?  Maybe even ready to move forward on the journey of planning your own unique elopement?  If so, please contact us for more information.

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