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Best Breweries in Iceland

Are you in Iceland Honeymooning?  You are in for a treat, in this months blog we will discuss the best breweries in Iceland.

As you have already either read countless times or heard through the grapevine, Iceland has the most delicious water.  It is no rocket science, that one of the main ingredients in beer is water.  That is what makes Icelandic beer so incredibly good and unique.

Read on and we will guide you through out the country  to our best breweries.

Reykjavík Breweries

Lady Brewery located in Iceland’s capital in the harbor area.  As the name suggests, Lady Brewery was founded by the CEO Þórey Björk.  She created and built her company in 2017.

All of their beer have different art work and super cool names.  This is a fun brewery you do not want to miss, especially if you are only staying the the greater metropolitan area.

lady brewery

Other breweries located in the greater metropolitan area are the following:

the South of Iceland Breweries

Breweries in the south of Iceland are the following:


 East of Iceland Breweries

Breweries in the east of Iceland are the following:

 north of Iceland Breweries

Bruggsmiðjan  Kaldi Brewery located in the north of Iceland in a town called Árskógssandur, located about 5 hours away from Reykjavík.  The brewery was founded in 2006 by husband and wife Ólafur and Agnes.

Kaldi beer

All of their beers are made with barley from the Czech Republic, while their hops are from a handful of countries including  Czech Republic, United States, Australia and New-Zealand.  While their barley and hops are from other countries, they only use Icelandic water. The name of their beer is Kaldi which translates to cold one.   All Kaldi beers are vegan.

Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi  has a total of 12 beers, 8 of which are always available and 4 that are seasonal.  All beers from  What makes beer even better? A seasonal beer!  You will not regret trying their Christmas beer.


Another brewery near Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi is the Einstök brewery located in Akureyri about 5 and a half hours away from Reykjavík.  At their Einstök Tasting Lounge you can treat yourself to their sensory experience where you can smell the different grains and hops used to make their beers.

Einstök beer

Another brewery located in the north of Iceland are the following:

South Iceland Breweries

Please note: If you plan on taking beer with you to your home country, your beer may be  confiscated by border control if they can not see the liquid in your beer (i.e. a can of beer).  We recommend checking the regulations of your home country before purchasing any beer at the duty free on your way out of the country.  What can be worse than finding your favorite beer, bringing it across an ocean and then having border control take it away from you?!

Fun fact: Beer was not legalized in Iceland until 1989!  Another fun fact: if you want to buy beer in Iceland you will need to get it from the following places: The liquor store, the duty free shop at the airport or at a bar.  You can not buy any liquor in a grocery shop or gas station.

Has this blog left you thirsty to try an Icelandic beer?  What better time than on your honeymoon?  Contact Us today and we can start planning your wedding or honeymoon.




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