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15 Reasons to Plan an Iceland Winter Elopement

Spending time in Iceland during winter can be an incredibly magical experience!  Snow falling, brisk fresh air, hot tubs, Northern Lights, etc.  Therefore, today we would love to share with you 15 reasons to plan an Iceland winter elopement…

15 Reasons to Plan an Iceland Winter Elopement:

Likely your reasons for choosing Iceland as your elopement or wedding location will vary.  Maybe it’s the various types of landscapes that draws you in.  Or the fact you can embark on a very adventurous honeymoon after.  You decide!

Regardless, you’ll need to decide when to elope in Iceland first!  To illustrate, let’s say you choose between November – March.  Therefore, here are 15 reasons to plan an Iceland winter elopement…

#1: Winter Wonderland

Icelandic landscapes transform into a beautiful winter wonderland.  Whether there is snow on the ground, on the mountain tops, or frosty will stun you!  And if you want the best chance of the entire island to be covered in snow, visit Iceland in February.

But keep in mind the weather in Iceland can often change your travel plans due to road closures, etc.  So stay up to date on Vedur and see what road conditions are always before you venture out!

#2: Icy Waterfall Wedding Photos

No matter if there is snow on the ground or not, it is very likely you may see some icy waterfalls.  Further, imagine what an epic background that would be for your Iceland winter elopement photos?!

#3: Chase Northern Lights

An Iceland winter elopement would not be complete without chasing Northern Lights!  After all, who doesn’t want to experience such a unique phenomena?!

#4: Possibility of Fresh Snow or Falling!

The first snow typically falls in the Icelandic highlands in September.  Then the first snow up North or in the west happens in October.  So when winter arrives officially in November, many parts of the island are beginning to get covered.  Therefore, if you anticipate coming in January or February there is a very good chance you may have fresh snow falling the night before or day of your wedding.  And how magical would that be?!

#5: Icicles hanging in Caves!

If you are considering having your wedding in Iceland inside of a natural cave, there is a chance you may find icicles hanging inside!  Big or small, they offer a textured backdrop for your Iceland winter elopement images!

#6: Relax in a Hot Tub at the end of the day

At the end of your Iceland winter elopement, reward yourself with a relaxing dip in a hot tub!  There are countless countryside hotels, guesthouses, and private rentals that offer one onsite.  Take advantage of it to warm up!

#7: Witness Icelandic Winter Traditions

In traveling to Iceland during the winter month of December into January, you get the chance to experience some of the most interesting cultural traditions!

#8: Continuous Sunrise or Sunset Colors

When you’re lucky enough to experience Iceland on a good weather day, it’s indescribable!  Especially during winter!  Therefore, if you are lucky on your Iceland winter elopement day to have clear skies… You may be surprised to see sunrise and sunset colors almost all day.  Why?  Because of how low the sun stays all day due to the lack of daylight hours.  So bring the continuous colors on!

#9: Ice Cave Wedding Ceremony!

Prime time for venturing to ice caves happens between November-mid March.  For instance, during that time period, you can expect them to be safe and viable.  Further, this is ideal if your Iceland winter elopement is going to have you hiking to an ice cave!

#10: Excuse to Cuddle More!

Warm up by cuddling up while venturing through your Iceland winter elopement!

#11: Unique Transport Options

Maybe you want to venture outside of the normal box of having a rental car and driving yourself around.  Meanwhile you could look to hiring a super jeep, snowmobile, dog sleigh, or via horseback!  Arrive in style to your winter elopement in Iceland!

#12: Experience Hot Springs

Maybe your wedding ceremony is short and in the morning and in the afternoon you want to hike to a hot spring.  Perfect plan for an Iceland winter wedding adventure!

#13: Get that “I Survived my Wedding Day” feeling.

Furthermore, it is very likely that during your Iceland winter elopement, you will encounter crazy weather.  For example, you should expect gale force winds, blizzard-like conditions, snow, freezing rain, etc!  Expect and plan for the worst weather and you’ll get that “I survived my wedding day” feeling, lol!

#14: Cheaper

Rates for hotels and rental cars are less expensive during the winter months versus high season.  Therefore, visiting Iceland during this time period (November – March) can help you save!  But keep in mind, there will still be tourists around, just much less than usual.

#15: Your Honeymoon can have winter sports!

Another benefit of planning your Iceland winter elopement during the months of November – March is that you can partake in winter sports before or after your wedding day.  For example, skiing, sledding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice climbing, ice caving, winter camping, etc!

Plan Your Iceland Winter Wedding With Us!

After all that, are you ready to begin your journey of planning your own unique Iceland winter elopement?  If so, we would love to equip you with more information!  Feel free to contact us!

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